Journey through outback QLD and into the Northern Territory

Our journey through western QLD was met with wonder by Mike. I cannot count how many times he spoke in wonder of how the landscape changed throughout our day.

We traversed land that was so flat that it appeared as though we were always travelling up hill towards the ever reaching horizon, past vegetation that clung to the soil it grew out of with fierce determination, over rolling hills and into areas where the trees began to reach taller with each 100kms.

Cloncurry was another highlight – we stopped there for our obligatory coffee. When travelling with Mike one is always in the search for the next good coffee. “Cuppas on Ramsey” in Cloncurry did not disappoint. Not only was it great coffee and home-made treats but there was a great range of vegan and gluten free delights to be had.

Reaching the border meant that we were now entering a territory that Mike had never visited before and neither had Big Red.

Our first night in the territory was at Barkly Homestead – an oasis in the middle of nowhere. The grounds are green and lush, the bar and eating area clean. They have a pool, camping area and place where you can catch-up on your laundry. That night we were serenaded by Lou Bradley and Phil while we ate marinated olives, pumpkin ravioli and steak sandwich. And then in the morning when we left we grabbed a Merlo coffee to go.


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