Historic Daly Waters

Our journey today took us up the centre of the Territory from Barkly Homestead, to Three Ways and onto the iconic Daly Waters Historic Pub. The roads were long and vast and we were able to let Red have a go and show why she has a V-Tec Engine. Without a hiccup she was able to reach 34 km/hr shy of her supposed top speed and then we started to catch up to someone so we slowed down – she was a long way off redline. We did find redline in 4th gear at 171km/h on the way!

The trip north from Three ways to Daly Waters was uneventful. Mike was really surprised by the prolific vegetation everywhere. No desert here but loads of scrub land. We pulled off the main highway heading to Daly Waters Historic Pub. It seemed like it was just a little road and it was just heading bush, until we got to the Pub. On arriving there were hundreds of people, most in caravans and a few staying in cabins around the historic pub. It was amazing and very busy trying to get our key and get settled in.

We went for walk around the historical trail looking at the Stuart Tree and the ‘river’ – it was dry. It was getting fairly hot, after being in the South which was cool. That day the top temp was 32 degrees while down in Alice Springs it was 16 degrees.

For those of you who have seen the Last Cab to Darwin – you will recognise this pub from the movie. In the movie Rex and Tilly stop at the pub and Tilly gets into a comedic exchange with the comedian performing for the diners. Just like the movie the pub is packed in the evening, there is entertainment and great food.

We shared a table with these lovely folk from Port Macquarie in NSW. They we on a slow trip of NT and WA and only traveled about 200 km per day or so. They were delightful to talk to and we had a great time listening to the old time and more recent rock n roll songs. It was fun and one of us got up and had a dance with the many others dancing, especially the Nutbush! Mike photographed.

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