Last year I took myself with a few girlfriends to see the movie “Last Cab to Darwin” – a movie about a terminally ill man searching for a way out of his pain by traversing the outback in the hope of finding a doctor who could relieve him of his pain and life.  The movie was a poignant journey of discovery, hope and love. In the film there is a section where Rex is driving along a highway toward Alice Springs – watching the turns and sweeps of the road I had a visceral reaction to this section of road. I’ve travelled here, I remember these turns, the smell of the dirt, the joy of waiting expectantly to see which turn in the bend would allow us to glimpse Alice – civilisation. As a child I lived with my family at Papunya, an aboriginal settlement 250kms north west of Alice Springs, and our trips to Alice were always an adventure – a long arduous one over corrugations, through dust. But at the end there would be milkshakes, and shops, and people.

I left the movie went home and declared to Mike – we are going on a road trip to Darwin, and Anthony Lagoon, and Alice Springs and Papunya and finally to Uluru (which i have never seen even though we lived in the territory for 8 years).

So here we are on our last trip in our little Red Honda Civic Type R. – Donna

Why the Civic? Well its really a car thing. So if you don’t understand car things you may not get this. But I love sports cars. I love many types of car but there is something about this car that makes it exciting. Yes, its not the best around but the best I’ve ever driven. Yes, for a trip like this the suspension is hard and it is very low to the ground but apart from some rough roads it is surprisingly comfortable. The racing seats are a joy to sit in! It is also a very safe car with responsive engine, racing suspension and 7 airbags! So what more can I say … – Mike

PS: as we are putting this blog together, at the Musical Fence Cafe in Winton, Qld, Roy Billings walks in and has breakfast with us. Being the scared respectful people that we are, we left him alone.

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