Sleeping in the red car

Sleep in the red car – I can hear you all now – how do you sleep in the Honda Civic Type R? Uncomfortably I answer. After working all day and then jumping into our car at 5:00pm to head off on our journey – where we were going to sleep was far from our minds. We just wanted to get going and get away. I think our kids thought we would never leave.
We knew we had to be at Winton on Friday afternoon as we had accomodation booked and Mike had organised for us to go to the Vision Splendid Outdoor cinema on Saturday night – so that was our goal. Drive until exhausted sleep and drive some more. We reached Rockhampton just after midnight and decided that once we were on the road to Emerald we would stop off and find a lay-by to sleep in. When we finally stopped Mike had the great idea that instead of trying to sleep in the up right seats we would climb into the back of the Honda – and hunker down and sleep. After 10 or so minutes of Mike rearranging all of the luggage from the back of the car into the front two seats, except for the full size tyre we had brought along in case of emergencies, as the Honda only comes with a space saver spare, he laid out one of the duvets to be our mattress and the other our cover. So we climbed into our own little red tomb and settled down for three hours of sleep in cramped conditions where one has to acknowledge how well babies do sleeping in the foetal position for nine months.

Setting up our beds – night awash with fog

Flash too bright!!!

Our Comfy bed.

Factual: Brisbane to Rockhampton 620kms. Then 50kms to Westwood. Probably got to sleep around 2am and then woke at 5:30am and decided to keep going!

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