I got to drive!

Yes I know for those of you who know us – this is unbelievable. This is not a sexist thing – its just that Mike loves to drive – it is one of his most favourite things to do. Hence we are on a driving holiday! He would love to be a rally or racing car driver. So the fact that I got to be in the driver’s seat on this journey is a big thing.

I was the first to drive on the Tableland Highway from Daly Waters toward Cape Crawford – a one lane highway. (blue line on the map). And when we say one we mean one lane – when a car comes in the other direction – you move off the road so that you both share half the road. When a roadtrain comes you get right off the road, stop and allow the road train to pass so that they can stay on the road.

After staying a night at Cape Crawford (no where near the sea) we travelled south to Anthony Lagoon where I used to live when I was eight or nine. My dad was a police officer and we lived there for a year or so.

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