Heartbreak Hotel and the State of Origin

Heartbreak Hotel, dedicated to Elvis, is located at the crossroads of the Tableland Highway and Carpentaria Highway. We stopped here for the night after leaving Darwin (867km). This was our most budget accomodation so far – we stayed in the what can best be described as a tin shed – with two beds. We shared the bathroom with the other residents who were also staying in similar accomodation to us. Of course I didn’t take the time to read the signs on the bathroom doors and walked into the men’s bathroom by mistake – thankfully the guy in the bathroom was dressed!!

Like Daly Waters Historic Pub and The Barkly Homestead, Heartbreak Hotel is a little oasis in the middle of nowhere. As usual the food was great and the serves were huge – we ordered Barra and Chips. Our plates came out with two good sized pieces of barra with salad and veggies and chips.
Once dinner was over we sat with a number of others in the dining area to cheer on our state. We sat next to a couple from NSW – who when the score was 6-4 in NSW favour left as they just knew that QLD was going to win. They were replaced by another family supporting NSW – who also left when the score was 12 – 4 in NSW favour. The only people who were left at the end of the game were QLDers!!. Yes I know we lost but what is it about the NSW supporters and not being able to stay for the whole game? I’m not going to say anything about the refs on the night, or that the penalties were 12 – 2 in NSW favour or that for some reason in this game the rule that you must be behind the kicker was relaxed but for some reason not everyone was aware that this rule was to be relaxed. But next week when the Broncos or the Cowboys play a club game …. will it still be relaxed….

Heartbreak Hotel
Our Quarters

The road out of Cape Crawford

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