Kings Canyon

We drove from Papunya to Kings Canyon via Haasts Bluff. Google Maps said nearly 11 hours! But being only 267km we did the trip in just over three hours. Yes, dirt most of the way but good dirt roads. We had been warned that things were very expensive at Kings Canyon so we went prepared – good ol two-minute noodles, tuna, museli bars, yogurt and fruit – we ate like Kings. The reviews of the King Canyon Rim walk also had us spooked – difficult walk, heart-attack climb, will take you five hours, take 3 litres of water per person.  So we got ourselves ready – walking early in the day meant we would miss the heat, water – didn’t have 3 litres each but we did have a litre each (went out and bought something to carry our water in so that our hands were free to climb the rocks – beautiful Kings Canyon water carriers), had pockets filled with snacks – dried fruit and nuts. Seven O’clock in the morning sun not yet up, 7 degrees, cool breeze we were ready to climb.  As to be expected the first part of the climb was exhausting – a vertical climb up 500 stairs. But no where as bad as Mount Warning, or climbing the Dome in Koln.

Once you get to the top the walk opens up and it becomes an amble – sometimes over rocks but really a just a pleasant walk with incredible views and flora. A highlight of our walk was coming upon a flash mob of Korean Students performing a song and dance routine to Sonny!! Only in the outback!

After our walk we took off back to Alice Springs – we stopped on the way at Redbank Gorge and Ormiston Gorge. The walk into Redbank Gorge was worth it – but strenuous and hot. Ormiston Gorge was pleasant and impressive. Getting back to Alice we were booked into the Hilton – a night of comfort. I had a long luxurious bath – heaven.

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