Best Drive Yet

So far this trip we have driven about 4000 km but todays drive of 152km from Cape Crawford and Anthony Lagoon was amazing.

In two hours we drove through vastly different geography and flora. When we left Cape Crawford we drove through hill country with red sandstone rock formations erupting out of the escarpments, to roads lined with yellow flowering trees whose trunks were blackened by what we thought was a recent fire. Within a what seemed like no time at all our yellow flowers were replaced by tall eucalyptus trees lining river beds – a lush and tropical environment.

We left this tropical environment to travel through a forest of tall straight ghost gums grounded in red earth, the contrast of the colours was beautiful and impressive. These majestic white towers made way to scrub and silver leafed trees and red anthills.

When we began our journey on this morning I was expecting a flat prairie like landscape as this was what I could remember of my time living one the tablelands. I was beginning to question my memories as we had not yet seen anything that would resemble anything like this – until we came over a rise and there it was golden flat fields a far as the eye could see. 152kms and so many different landscapes in  just over one and half hours.

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